Fortnight Mentoring

Hi there,

I believe that each one of us is sensitive and passionate about work and life. And I really know how it feels when there is not enough time to do it all and where you are always ιn a rush to explore, create, communicate. But please, allow me to point out that pictures need some time to grow.

Yes, pictures need time, they need to create their own universe slowly, and I believe that this happens only if they receive a great amount of care from you and from the ones you trust.

If you are interested, I would love to have you as a long term student.

I have been working on private and group mentoring for almost three years now so please allow me to write some information about it. As I work with a limited number of artists each year I thought I could invite you publicly in case you are interested.

“Fortnight” is a private or group session-meeting programme that operates in the context of navigating through every possible aspect involved in the process of a long-term portfolio development.

But, I do not stop there. My interest has been focusing more and more on the question “if photography is a language”. And, I believe that, if it is, then no language can exist without poetry.

If we accept that photography is a language then we have to explore, understand and appreciate pure poetical value in image-making. In this context, the creative process for the photographer may begin as an archetype of fundamental irrationalities but slowly, it morphs into the pivotal expressiveness of the artist’s personal agonies.

So, In our meeting programme (each artist has a personalized amount of sessions per month) we will use my own practical pattern and educational base as guidances, covering a wide field of research, knowledge and work practices and we will focus on highlighting your own personal time/space and narrative through photography in a long-term basis.

This will happen by following our main goal which of course is to develop an existing body of work or create a completely new one. In practical terms, we follow our common goals together and good examples of this is to create a dummy of your photobook, help you find a publisher and work on your career development aspects.

We will create, develop and distribute your work together.

This is why we also work on potential exhibition/publication layouts, and any other aspects of creative or career practice that you may need assistance with. Also, we can talk about and watch unpublished work and works in-progress I have and more things I am working on lately. I also collaborate with various contributors: other photographers, musicians, graphic designers etc.

In practical terms, on each meeting-session we set the date and time of the next one depending on our needs. We go session by session depending on our goals and needs.

Last but not least, please note that I ask for a fee per each session.

There is no commitment, which means that you book the sessions based on your needs, and the meetings can easily be changed.

If you want to say hello, ask for fee prices and send your work, you can fill out the form below.

If you want to explore work developed by artists during the “Fortnight” programme and read their testimonies you can visit the participants page.

Thank you.


ps. Why “Fortnight”? Because I really like the word and also because a nice example of a meeting cycle is to meet fortnightly.

from “Over.State” series

Practical Information

We accept forms of interest on a rolling basis. Please consider the table below to see available spots per month. If there is no available slot on the period you interested in please do write us and we will do our best to find an available spot as soon as possible.

MonthsSlots available
January 20231
February 2023 1
March 2023 1

Who can participate

All photographers or artists using the photographic medium on all levels can participate.

Languages: English and Greek.

Please fill out this form below, we will need some basic information and some work samples.

If you experience any problems with folder sharing and you don’t have a live link, you can send a Wetransfer directly at

We will immediately get back to you with a first, personalized feedback and details regarding our proposal for the first session.

Please note again that there is no commitment from your side in any step of the process.

Fortnight – Form of Interest

    Preferable meeting sessions per month

    Tells us if you have any specific ideas or goals that you want to work on during the programme

    In order to comply with GDPR, we need your consent to send a reply email regarding your request
    (We will not share or store your data)