Efi Papargiriou

Beautiful light of the ordinary

Sometimes there is a change of place, a slight change of the ordinary, the viewer in this case has a bigger variety of sightings to choose from, the eye flows all around with a need to record, to make things more specific and create the person’s presence in the unknown place.

Been looking for a place to have a good coffee, still not satisfied, I had some, it worked a bit but let’s see the ratings of the other one I saw in the map. Taking with me the coffee machine would be a luxury, kind of funny to think about especially when I whine about the quality of coffee.

I grew up in a city and then we moved to a village, been drawn since childhood to fine art, I had studies in drawing, sculpture, engraving.

Photography is an art form I am experiencing lately.

My favorite place in the world is the fine line between green and blue.