Alessandro Silverj


Loneliness is an unacceptable burden for human nature.
“Shelter” is about the search for love and acceptance, exploring the fine line between individuality and relationship, an extremely delicate boundary constantly subject to agitated states. This body of work is my personal adventure of these years, a photographic record of emotions:freedom, tenderness, eros, absence and fear, from my personal agony to everyday desires, from the way my identity is shaped by these experiences to the transformations and emotional variations that have defined me throughout my existence.
In these years, places and people I meet have become familiar to me and photography connects me to them and their emotions, as if by reflecting on them I am reliving them myself. From here on I decided not to limit myself, to let my feelings guide me, and finally after some extremely dark years I was able to find love, the shelter where person bruised like me can find safety and protection.
Unfortunately, some wounds never heal and my life continues to dance like this,between violent nocturnal suffering and the vivid dreams of a delicate embrace.


I am Alessandro Silverj, a photographer born in Rome. My education in literature and philosophy has shaped my sensitivity over the years. It was on this path that I embraced photography, the medium of expression and exploration that has become the beating heart of my creativity. The fusion of different analogue techniques characterises my work, which is recognisable by a deep autobiographical dimension. This creative journey, often extended in time, links different phases of my life. My main aim is to capture ‘the essence of the human soul’, exploring personal issues and the intricate bonds between people. For me, photography acts as a mirror of the inner self. The images act as a bridge between these two worlds and this capturing process becomes a means of introspection, through which I face my demons and deepest fears.