Alyssa Warren

I met Ilias through his excellent “Fortnight” mentoring. I had spent several years experimenting with various alternative photographic processes, but enjoying process above all, hadn’t really stopped to understand what exactly I was exploring, much less formed a narrative with the images.

Ilias and I considered hundreds of photographs, discussing how sequencing, repetition, scale and materiality, among other factors, impact meaning. Having come to photography via printmaking, I printed many of the images in various methods before we landed on the right iteration.

The entire process has been illuminating and will result in a photobook. 

“The Lake” contains 150 images and will be released as a limited edition, handmade artist’s book. 

The Lake


Alyssa Warren is a London-based, process-led artist practising across various media, including photography, printmaking, collage and fiction. She has a particular interest in the intersection between photography and printmaking, focusing on analogue and alternative photographic processes.