Apellis Group – Edessa

Fortnight – Group Mentoring

Eleven bodies of work have been developed during “Fortnight: Apellis”; A group mentoring framework that took place from October 2020 to June 2021 at “Apellis”: A photography group based in Edessa, Greece.

To celebrate the end of this nine month-long programme, a special, limited edition photobook was produced and a unique in-situ installation and exhibition took place in the center of Edessa town in northern Greece showing prints, the produced photobook and an audio-visual slideshow work.

Technical Specifications:

Curated by Ilias Georgiadis

Designed by Christos Vatalachos

Printed in Munken Polar
Edition of 53
Printed in Athens, 2021.

The installation

You can watch the full-length original slideshow presenting the works here.

Originally premiered at the in-situ and open to the public installation that was part of the “Fortnight: Apellis” exhibition that took place in the center of Edessa town from September 24 to October 1, 2021.


During the past year, members of our group participated in a photography workshop led by Ilias Georgiadis and through the weekly meetings they got inspired and created their own personal world using the lens of their camera. Part of their works formed the raw material for the creation of photobook, which together with the works shown as well as additional additional material from each participant, will be presented at the exhibition.