Chris Le Messurier

My meetings with Ilias have been most helpful in digging through my archives and discovering images that possess obtuse meanings that evade me. Sometimes we can be sure about our own work but in other cases we need people like Ilias. He has been patient, enthusiastic and critical in all the right ways. I would highly recommend working with him.

For every photograph I take now, there is another I find calling to me from a decade ago. As I move around the world I’m clinging on to the past, simultaneously aware of a disappearing youth which seems to mean less and less, and a complicated present.

I’ve been told you must bleed: this doesn’t come easy. Taking the photos may feel intuitive but the rest of the work isn’t. Hundreds of prints on the floor only act as door stops through which more questions inundate. This is a work in progress whose textures I continue to play with as I learn to understand more about myself…