Chrysalena Antonopoulou

Ilias and I collaborated for about 7 months. We met at an important moment in the course of my relationship with photography, in a period of pause. In the middle of a lockdown and while I had already stopped producing new images, I needed to look back at what I had done so far, wanting to re-read my file and maybe figure out if and how to proceed from over there.

It was not easy. I had tried it again and had given up quickly. The coexistence with Ilias, the introduction to the method that he uses when he creates, but also structures an artistic project and the discussions we had on my work worked as a catalyst. His approach inspired me and set me free, so I tried again and finally managed to discover something in my file that I did not know existed.

The way Ilias deals with the creative process, his rhythm and the space he gives to things, thoughts and ideas to happen, is in my opinion essential and suited me. The experience of our collaboration I think will affect my every future attempt to create.