Daphne Kotsiani

After Echo

“After Echo” is a depiction of an internal journey that resonates through my silent encounters with nature and places that I visited over the last ten years. Having the need for introspection and reflection, I felt the urge to explore the possibilities for something I could relate to, something that could deeply move me, evoking memories and emotions. I wanted to create a visual and poetic territory that would act as a link between reality and a universe where a harmonious correlation could be achieved between the fantasy of an escape and the mysteries of the dreamy.

In other words, the world where I would rather exist.[…]


Daphne Kotsiani was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied classical piano and works as a musician, participating in numerous concerts and festivals in the field of contemporary classical, experimental and improvised music. Except from music, she has developed a great interest in photography which she uses as a main medium of expression and exploration. Combining analogue and digital techniques, she strives to form her personal feel/association with the surrounding and subject rather than document a realistic photo.​ She has participated in solo and group exhibitions, photography festivals and fairs and her work has been published in various photo magazines. She has self-published three photo books: “ICELAND-In the Land of Ice and Fire”, “Beyond The Arctic Circle” and “After Echo”.