Michael Kofteros

My acquaintance with Ilias began when I was given the opportunity to participate in a photography workshop organized by FEK Paphos under the guidance of Ilias – an accomplished and talented photographer.

Under his artistic and creative sensibility I was able to produce an original project “Homecoming | Living Memories” which is in continuous development. I thank him very much for a unique experience and a close, creative collaboration.

Homecoming | Living Memories

Returning home – after thirty years away – and wandering around familiar places… the ancestral home, the primary school, the old church, the nearby stream… all so familiar, as if nothing had changed. Everywhere I looked I saw old scenes playing out in front of me blurry and transparent on an old projector. The emotional link between my childhood, reflected in the black and white photographs hanging on the walls of the family home, and the person I am today, is assimilated into a unity and completion…