Thanos Savvidis

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ilias on a personal level three times from 2018 until today as a participant in photography workshops that he presented and as a coordinator of a production (exhibition and publication) in which Ilias was the curator. In all cases I enjoyed the interaction with him, because he is a talented photographer and an excellent teacher. Through his discussions and presentations he conveyed his love for photography and helped us discover our own approach and follow our own path in photography.


“Since we can not change reality, let’s change the eyes which see it “

-Nikos Kazantzakis

Life is full of personal moments of an intuitive perception of the true nature of a thing. In this (ongoing) series photography helps me gain an inner image of myself and discover the underlying truth of my world. Photos become the synapses that link reality/conscious (the multiple and different time periods I experience) with all of my most hidden experiences, thoughts and feelings that subconsciously arise during the shooting process. They become the means for an introspection and for me to be confronted with my own ghosts and fears.


Thanos Savvidis was born in Paphos (Cyprus) in 1972. He participated in various workshops and seminars on photography with Nikos Economopoulos, Michael Ackerman, Jason Eskenazi, Achilles Nasios, Platon Rivellis, Lukas Vasilikos and Ilias Georgiades. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad (Greece, Germany, England, Spain, Denmark). Two short series were presented at solo exhibitions in Paphos. His photographs have been awarded in local and international photography competitions. He has participated in two international collective photography projects: “In & At” (Donostia2016) and “HOME” (Pafos2017) European Capitals of Culture. His work have been included in publications (books and magazines) in Cyprus and abroad, while part of his work has been presented in magazines (Fotographos, Photographers Notebook, Inspired Eye, etc.). He was a member of the BULBphotos collective for 3 years. He is a member of C.P.S. – Paphos Department. He studied pedagogy in Cyprus and Greece and received his MA and doctorate in England. He works as a debuty headteacher in primary education.