The Poetic Encounter Workshop

Last edition: “L’Enfant Sauvage” gallery – Brussels, Belgium.

  • Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 November.


“Perhaps the most intense concern of most photographers today
has to do with “how” they will develop their personal voice in photography.

I believe that there are no easy answers. With photography, I depict poetic representations of my inner agonies. And that’s where I really focus.

In the poetic image.

But what does poetic photography really mean?

This is exactly what we depict in this workshop.
Based on my photographic work, my literature poetry work, my research in phenomenology, existential psychology and the poets of Modernism, we will define the true poetic encounter in the art of photography.

The three-day intensive photography workshop “The Poetic Encounter” usually takes place in Thessaloniki (but also in other locations as well) and is a workshop dedicated to highlight the unique morphology of our visual language and expression through photography, focusing on guiding participants to: “Pictures that are not related to any style, nor are limited to any category, but pictures that go beyond descriptions and work as poetic representations of the artist’s own existence.

I usually make presentations of my latest works and books but also share notes of my research and lecture in depth about the creative stages of my work and practice.

Participants receive a comprehensive analysis and feedback on their work and learn how to develop their unique photographic practice.

On the last day of the workshop all participants have the opportunity to present their work in an public event taking place in each of the selected venues where all the images will be presented in the form of audiovisual works and in exhibition layouts curated by the workshop’s team.

After each workshop, a unique, limited edition riso photobook presenting participants’ work is produced.

Participants should bring with them a project (portfolio) which they develop at the given time. The purpose of this intensive educational experience is to fully explore an issue that really touches each participant and via thorough analysis to overcome any difficulties that prevent the development of the project.


All photographers or artists using the media can register.

Languages: English and Greek.

We always collaborate with top level venues that host our workshop, in Greece and abroad. This time we will collaborate with “L’Enfant Sauvage”.

Each version of “The Poetic Encounter” is a unique experience.

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Previous edition: To Pikap – Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • 3-5 June 2022.

PARTICIPANTS: Louloudia Gredi, Maria Zlatani, Michael Kofteros, Daphne Kotsiani, Efi Papargyriou, Panagiotis Sarmas, Maria Siorba, Stavros Stamatiou, Stavroula Fragou.

You can watch the full-length original slideshow presenting the works here.

Originally premiered at the in-situ and open to the public installation at “To Pikap” venue, June 5 2022 (last day of the workshop).

With soundtrack by Iraklis Dimitriadis – Inconnu

You can also explore the works on the participants’ page

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